Victor’s Taco Shop

  • 669 North Main Street, Marion

Feeling saucy? Next time you are in the mood for Mexican cuisine, you have to try Victor’s Taco Shop in Marion, Ohio. This quaint little joint on the corner offers you an authentic meal as you walk up to the window. If the weather isn’t cooperating, don’t worry, Victor’s Taco Shop has two – yes, two – drive thru windows! Each meal is made to order which gives you just enough time to scroll through your newest stories on Facebook. Hopefully you’re in no hurry to go anywhere. Dining at their outdoor tables lets you enjoy the largest Chimichanga you have ever seen while listening to the cheers from the ball games coming from nearby Lincoln Park. Taking this cultural adventure is a must at any time … they even serve breakfast! To sum up my experience at Victor’s Taco Shop in two words would be: authentic and affordable. You won’t be disappointed.

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  • 740.375.5200
Victor's Taco Shop